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First of all, there’s Curly the Clown, or at least that’s the first thing you’ll see because he’s so tall! He loves being silly and playful with the kids and has at least as much fun as they do! He has been working with kids professionally for 15 years and is also extremely good and gentle with kids as well. He is our fastest twister and never ceases to amaze people with his awesome balloon skills!

Then there’s Daisy Dolly, a real life Dolly who is always ready to have a good time! She has also been working with kids for about 15 years and is an amazing balloon twister and face painter - really, she can paint almost anything! Gentle and kind with children, she plys her trade gracefully and beautifully. Girls and boys alike love the magic of meeting her and getting a glamorous touch!

Our most recent additions are Lilly Dolly, Cherry Dolly, and Dede Dolly. They have grown quite proficient with balloon twisting and face painting and are lots of fun to have on our team!

Meet our happy family - really!


Finally there is Zoomie, our friendly Scion who happily transports us from one fun place to another! He is very friendly and hardly ever bites, except for Monday mornings when he likes to get some sleep after a busy weekend! :)

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