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Curly the Clown is a silly guy. All his life he has dreamed of being Superman (or at least the captain of a pirate ship) but since he was born with a little bright red nose his mom convinced him that he was destined to be a clown. It turned out that she was right and as his little red nose grew, so did his talent for twisting balloons, being goofy and making kids happy!

Even though Curly can’t fly (and hasn’t yet found a decent pirate ship) he loves excitement and goes on many adventures. Curly is very brave (except when he sees sharks, dragons or other dangerous creatures with sharp teeth). Curly still hopes to at least be Superman’s sidekick someday and maybe get a cool red cape but in the mean time he’s perfectly happy twisting his amazing balloons and doing silly antics to make kids laugh and have fun!

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