Face painting and balloon art with Curly & Daisy

We know that somewhere an autumn wind is stirring, and we are ready for it to come on out our way with its sweet and cooling breezes. (Any time would be fine!) Just thinking about a new season makes everything feel fresh and exciting, and we love how the change brings in new ways to have fun. Our awesome balloon art and fanciful face painting happily take on the spirit and get playful with the hues of the new season. We’re not sure if it is possible to say “we love fall most of all” (because we love the seasons – all), but the fact remains that we do love when it comes around. We love the new air it breathes into our work. It feels warm like the hues of fall, with its oranges, greens and browns, and it feels tingly like the smell of pumpkin spice and gingerbread cookies. If you are looking to do something fun – seasonal or not, you can bet your boots we’ve got the party. We may even wear a pair of boots ourselves and let the new season take us where it will. Have a fun day to celebrate? Give us a call – we’ve got the fun y’all!

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