If any month feels like “the” season for fun around here, it’s October. We feel like saying it’s Christmas, but Christmas has a different sort of feel. Perhaps whoever said “It’s the happiest season of all” got it right. But October is fun in a different way – October is cool, funky, and spooky all at once. And when that vibe is in the air, it’s hard not to feel the fun begin to creep into your bones. In all the best ways, of course! Our fun balloon art and sweet face painting nod to any season and any event, and October is one of the funnest of them all; from birthday parties to Fall Festivals and Halloween parties, we’ve got you covered. And how cute is this glow in the dark face paint for a glow in the dark party? What a great way to glow! We’ll be joining families all over Houston for fun in all shapes and sizes this month. If you haven’t caught the bug yet, beware – the October fun is in the air!

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