To all the beautiful people we have shared precious moments  with this year, thank you! Thank you for sharing your happy homes. Thank you for the smiles, thank you for the happy hours, and thank you for the opportunity to share joy! In the end, that is what it’s all about for us — helping to create golden hours of joy. We work our magic in simple ways, beginning with our beautiful face paint, a little shimmer, and some great balloon art. But the heart of it all for us is always in the joy and the smiles we get to share. And getting to be a part of making precious days come together is where the magic is at for us. 

We hope there is a little magic in your Christmas this year, and that there will be many golden moments of joy for you and the hearts you hold dear. We hope your Christmas is merry, your holidays are happy, and your New Year is blessed. Stay warm, y’all!

Happy holidays with our love, 

Curly & Daisy, and Ollie & Macy 🌟

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