We had the best time hanging with the kids by the pool at River Oaks Country Club. The pace was sweet & the day was easy, so we had lots of time to make it shine for the little ones. And that’s the way we like it – a day where we get to make time for joy is always a great day for us. 🙂

We love getting to hear kids’s sweet comments on our work, and one of the girls said while we were painting, “Your painting feels so inspiring!” Isn’t that the cutest? It’s hard to beat a space where precious moments happen every day. And precious moments do happen every day when you’re with the little ones, don’t they? You can be doing the most ordinary thing, like painting a flower, and suddenly the sun comes shining through and touches you. Like just the other day, when the birthday boy’s older sister came running to give me a hug as I was leaving, and walked me out to the car… How precious is that? Radiant moments of heart-shine that make you wish you could bottle them up. But of course, you can’t. All you can do is enjoy the priceless moment, when it happens. And then you drive away in your car, and go back to your ordinary world. But tomorrow is another day, and you never know what simple joy is waiting round the corner – the world is full of such simple magics.

Hope your Labor Day was sweet too!

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