Fall and Festive Events

Curly & Daisy Fall Promo 2018 png

Did we mention how much we love fun and festive days? I don’t know if it’s that we love to dress up and get into character, or if it’s just fun to play with different balloon and face painting designs to create a sweet mood and a festive air. Either way,  holidays and fun days are our favorites! You will find us in a festive mood around here on Super Bowl Sunday (we think that’s a fun-day too!), Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Cinco De Mayo, Memorial Day,  4th of July, Labor Day, Fall Festivals and Halloween, Hanukah parties, Christmas and Winter Holiday Parties, and New Year’s Eve events. (If I left anything out, you can bet your socks we’ll be partying that day too!) Let us know what days you party, and let us get the party started!



Curly & Daisy Childrens Premier Entertainers | curlyanddaisy@me.com

832-768-2319 | www.curlyanddaisy.com | 945 McKinney St, #375, Houston TX 77002

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