Curly and Daisy 2019
Curly and Daisy “In Character”

What do we do? We like to call it ‘Magic.’ And we always start with,

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time in a land far away, there was a very special creature. This creature believed anything was possible, and that it could be anything it wanted to be. And so, magically, it was. In our world, the name for this creature is  “child.” Whether big or small, children believe in magic; they believe anything can happen, so it does. Somehow. And we get to be a part of bringing this magic to life for children everywhere…

If your daughter believes there is such a thing as a princess, then we’ll help you make sure there is… Just for her. (Our face painting artists, whom we call “Dollies,” are quite “princessy.”) If your family loves to have a good time, we’ll bring in fun artists and with creative activities for hours filled with happiness, and joyful moments shared with the people you love. If your son craves adventure, then we’ll bring in a Pirate for a swashbuckling good time – pirate swords and all – and one more magical dream comes to life.

And when we get to the end of our magical adventure, our reward is to hear a child say, “Mommy, this was the best day ever!” We smile, and our heart glows with the knowledge that we had a little part in bringing the magic to life for that child on their very special day.

-The End

Or maybe it’s just the beginning…

In 1995 we were first introduced to ‘balloon animals’ through a friend. From there we unknowingly embarked on an amazing journey making balloons for kids. We decided to add fun costumes and face painting along the way, and we had no idea it would turn into anything more than simply making kids happy. And interestingly enough, it hasn’t – we are still doing exactly that: making kids happy. And we’re happy to be doing it. Not only happy, but proud to provide a simple service that somehow goes beyond a colorful balloon or a painted rainbow.

It is the joy of seeing families and friends smile, laugh, and come together over a painted butterfly or an “Elmo” balloon. It’s the smile that warms your heart when you watch a little girl’s eyes light up when they meet our “princess” Dolly characters, or the excitement in a boy’s eyes as he rushes off with a spiderman balloon to “catch the bad guys.” And as someone calls out “Smile!” and a shutter clicks, we know the memories we helped create will last a lifetime.

We have four lovely children, one puppy (and one niece!) whom we love dearly, a sweet family, good friends and a happy job…

Life is good. 🙂

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