Fa-la-la Fun!

Let us help bring a little sparkle and holiday cheer to your next winter event! Fantastic balloons and sparkling face painting – let’s get the party started!

Pirates Just Want to Have Fun!

What costume is more jolly old fun than a pirate costume? Our artists fall into character easily with a fun “Ahoy, me hearties!” and a “Yaaaargh!”

It’s the Little Things

What makes us smile? It’s the simple things. Things like family. Moms and dads, making birthdays magical.

Building Community One Smile at a Time

Building community is all about the little things, and our bright artists, fun balloons and gorgeous face painting bring one more reason to smile! Give us a call – together we can make good things happen!

Neighbor’s Night Out

When kids show up to the party, they are ready for fun! As it happens, so was I! I managed to grab a few shots – aren’t they adorable? 

Fall and Festive Events

Fall into fun with Curly and Daisy’s fun balloon art and fancy face painting! We’ll have a ball- “Boo, ya’ll!”

Parties for Girls

When it comes to girl’s parties, we know how to add that extra sparkle so your little princess can really shine on her special day!

Fun in the Sun With Curly and Daisy!

I love this set, because it reminds me of a set of Norman Rockwell sketches. Aren’t kids parties like that? Everybody has their own thing going on, their own little laugh, and their own secret smile. We hope your birthday was as special as you are, sweetheart!