What is it about a new year that makes hope spring in the heart – that makes you feel tingly with excitement and think that there is a chance for good things to happen? Whatever it is, we’ve got the bug; we feel like great things can happen. And whatever comes in this new year, we are saying, “Hello, 2022; we are going to make you a good year; we are going to make you shine!” We have found a simple formula for success, that seems to keep working every time. Make great art, have a happy heart, and make kids happy. And find a song that makes your heart sing. And for us, that is joy. Which is just the Curly and Daisy version of work right, live right, and do some good for others. (And live joyfully!) So that is our unspoken motto, and it’s gotten us through our highs and lows. 

It started with the song, of course. A song that lifted our spirits and filled our hearts with joy. And to that tune, we looked at our world, and we tried to make our little family and small world better. Then we took the simple balloon art and face painting that we learned, and tried to make that better. And we took a simple industry, and thought about how we could make that better too. And we’re still thinking about it all, and finding ways to keep making it better every day. Somehow that has made a difference for us, and we feel that perhaps a small part of the world is better now too. And that matters to us. We are still bringing smiles and joy to the hearts of little ones, and their parents, and their families – to infinity and beyond. Why not? Some things really are magical. Simple, but magic. It works for us. And we are so grateful to be in one of those industries where we can make a little magic happen every day! 

So as we look out across the horizon of 2022, we are excited. For all the lovely people we’ll meet, and the smiles we’ll share, and for all the days we’ll get to make the world a little bit brighter with our art!  

Come on, 2022; let’s make some magic! 

(– Oh, the places we’ll go!)

~Curly & Daisy 🌸

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