Curly & Daisy Fundraising Events
Fun with DSAH for Down Syndrome Day!

Fundraisers are a wonderful opportunity to reach out to the community, and raise awareness and support for your organization or project. Our fun balloon artists art provide a perfect way to break the ice, and we always get the party started with our show-stopping face painting art and friendly personalities! We’ll even bring music if you don’t have a DJ! And we’re not kidding; if you don’t have a plan for music for your event, we’ll make it happen for you. We have a great selection of playlists to get everyone feeling good, chatting and enjoying your event! Our artists are a wonderful attraction to add to any event, and we always bring a smile and fun energy to the game. Want to do everything we can to help your fundraising event turn into a fun-filled and successful day! Have a question? Give us a call. Let’s make the party rock!

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