Curly and Daisy: making parties sweeter since 2002!

Here at Curly and Daisy’s, we’ve been making parties sweeter since 2002. And since it’s a sweet story, we thought this would be the perfect time to tell it. A long (long) time ago, we were young & just engaged, and we had decided to work on a volunteer project together. I (Daisy) had just been taught how to make simple balloons so I could help out at a church fundraiser, and I thought they were pretty neat. So when Curly got invited to go on a trip to Russia, and visit orphanages with some friends, a light turned on for me: would’t these cute animal balloons be a perfect thing to share with the kids in Russia? But he couldn’t make balloons, he said. Don’t you think you could try? (She said.) And so, being the sweetheart that he is, he did try. And he did learn how to make balloons. (Even faster than me, in the end!) And so we went half way around the world, on a little trip to try to do something sweet for others, and to learn a little more about each other. Curly ended up making hundreds of balloons on that trip, and we actually ended up tying the knot while we were there in Moscow. And so balloons have been a part of our story almost since the very beginning, half way around the world. Little did we know we would still be making balloons, almost 3 decades later!

A few years later we decided to settle in the Houston area, and we were still making balloons. But we were also looking around – for a “real” job. Then something interesting happened. A sweet friend I was helping with a party said something about her party “next year.” So I told her that I was going into real estate, so that she could look around for someone else for her next party. She got this look in her eye, and she sat me down, and said, “Daisy! Maybe you don’t realize what you have here, and how special this is, but you and Curly are really good at this. You are so good, you could be on television! Houston needs you; you should really think about making this your business!” I was grateful for her kind words and the vote of confidence, but I was also a little surprised; we had really just been “having fun,” and I guess we hadn’t connected the dots yet that this could really be a full time profession for us. I went home and told Curly. And he said he had been thinking the same thing too, and was just waiting for me to see it myself. And that’s how it all started! We set up a little website, got a new phone line, and our little “Open for business” sign went up.

So that’s how we ended up where we are today, and we never realized all those years ago how magical our journey would be. How could we know that as we gave our hearts to sharing our art with families and their children, and to helping make birthdays special, they would love us back, and this little seed of joy and love would grow into something so precious and sweet? It fills and warms our hearts to this day; we are still making balloons (and now face painting too), enjoying life, and having fun. Our hearts are full of gratitude to everyone who has been a part of our journey; thank you for inviting us into your homes, and for allowing us to share our art, and making a space with us for sweet things to grow! We are so grateful to you, and we love you for allowing us to be a part of your family on special days!

We hope that your story this year will also be sweet, and that your gifts and all the love that you have given will come back to bless you, and fill your hearts with joy!


Curly & Daisy

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