Curly and Daisy Our Hearts are Full 2

We are looking at all the sweet moments we have been blessed to be a part of, and it doesn’t seem possible that we have been so many places, met so many wonderful people, and shared so many smiles. Every child and every celebration and event has a special place in our hearts, and all the these beautiful memories bring so much joy to our world. How is it that kids can be larger than life, and make you remember the little things they say, that don’t seem quite so little after all? How much can you share over a balloon or a paintbrush? A smile, a laugh, and sometimes a piece of your heart, it seems. We feel lucky that we get to be there to share little moments like that, even if we only get to capture them with the lens of our eyes and the space in our hearts. Perhaps you only see what you are looking for, but we’re alright with our place in this world, and our hearts are full of precious moments in time. We’re making it shine and we’re seeing la vie en rose.

That’s alright, isn’t it?


~ Curly & Daisy 🌸



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