As we look at all the precious moments we have been blessed to be a part of, it all just feels so amazing. We have been so many places, met so many wonderful people, and shared miles of smiles with so many precious hearts! How is it that kids manage to be larger than life, and make you remember the little things they say? How much can you really share with a person over a balloon or a bit of face painting? A smile, and a laugh, and sometimes even a piece of your heart, it seems. Thank you for sharing your celebrations, little ones, and precious moments with us. You have filled our hearts with sweet memories that bring so much joy!

Merry Christmas and happiest of holidays from our hearts to yours… We hope your holidays ring with laughter and sparkle brighter than the shadows of the past. We pray there will always be a light to help you find your way. And most of all, we hope your heart always be warmed by the beauty and love of family and those you hold dear.

We are wishing on a star for you in the coming year – may your new year be unexpectedly happy, surprisingly beautiful, and joyfully blessed!

With our love,

Curly & Daisy 🌸

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