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It’s that sweet time of the year again, time to find a moment to appreciate and celebrate all the people we love. And we are grateful for so much – first of all for each other, and for the beautiful family and life we get to share. Secondly, we are grateful that we get to work together, and that our job is joyful and allows us to bring smiles and share beautiful moments with others. That brings us to number three- you! Thank you for sharing a space with us where we get to share our joy, our art and our love with your family, and friends, and your precious little ones! So our hearts are full of gratitude, and of love. Sharing the love is easy, it grows out of a heart that is full, and flows into everything we do, from sharing a smile or a little conversation, to sharing the art of fun balloons, and beautiful face painting. It’s the layer that goes under the glitter on top, making everything precious and sweet. It’s hard not to love what we do, when we get to share precious moments with beautiful people!

Let us know how we can bring a little joy, a little art, and a little love to brighten up your next special event… Let’s make it sweet!



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